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At Halcyon Farms, each step of our process is dedicated to the patient’s best interests. We cultivate a large selection of seedlings and clones to ensure a bountiful and diverse harvest. Our quest is to discover & share distinct strains with a wide variety of medicinal effects. Halcyon Farms Cultivates Premium Medical Cannabis for our Patients and Wholesale Customers. Each season we select strains based on strict criteria for performance and diversity. We evaluate each strain based on its ability to deliver relief, inhibit relaxation, and inspire renewal. We cultivate our premium quality cannabis in clean state of the art facilities. Our accomplished director of cultivation is an expert in horticulture that develops custom feed formulations based on nutritional needs at various stages. This tailored approach allows our indoor plants to express their full potential. We craft our own organic soil blends from high quality inputs for our climate-controlled greenhouse. Our full season open air hoop houses are grown in native Maine soil with no-till techniques. Our team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts are ongoing students of the cannabis plant and seeking constant improvement to raise our expectations of cannabis quality.  All of our plants are dried for a minimum of 10-14 days before being carefully hand-trimmed by our team. We follow strict procedures to ensure our medical wholesale customers and patients receive premium products every time they purchase with us. Our seasonal menu may change, but our quest for quality never wavers.Details Coming Soon

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