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Hidden Forest Farms Rosin

Fresh drop from the Hidden Forest team - this fruit forward line up us has us on a sugar high. Here's what just dropped:

Banana Kiwi (Banana Pie-Paya + StrawGuava)

Apricot (Sandy Beaches + ZCube + Papaya and Cream)

Peach Marmalade (Papaya + Sandy Beaches)

Blue Razz (Candied Grapes + Papaya)

Candied Strawberry (Candied Grapes + StrawGuava)

Mango Nana (Sandy Beaches + Banana Pie-Paya)

Orange Creamzicle (ZCube + Sandy Beaches)

Nantucket Nectar (Banana Pie-Paya + StrawGuava + Sandy Beaches + Papaya)

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