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From UT: "Unicorn Tears is an independent craft cannabis producer local to Southern, ME. We are focused on pheno-hunting and breeding projects, and work obsessively to provide a unique flavor experience for patients. Putting together an eclectic mix of strains that “check every box”, there is genuinely something for every circumstance all within our menu. This goes for both flavor desires and medicinal needs. 


Our genetics have won multiple awards to this point, including 1st Place in the 2019 Terp Town Throwdown for a dried flower with Creme Fraiche, 2nd place is 2018 Canna Allstars for a dried flower with ForZiato, and 3rd Place in the 2019 Terp Town Throwdown for Live Resin with ForZiato. 

Over time, we will introduce more and more in-house bred cultivars to the market. 


Our growing methods consist of a hybridized program functioning in soilless media, using extremely low EC values, Korean Natural Farming techniques, and many inputs that are typically introduced in living soil applications. All of these efforts are done with the goal of maximizing oils, improving flavor, improving smokability, and maximizing medicinal properties via increasing the Brix content of the fruit."

Unicorn Tears lives on our premium shelves - stop in today to see what's available from UT!

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